Is it possible that the resume of the worst State Senator in Nevada is a myth?

Is it possible that the resume of the worst State Senator in Nevada is a myth?

Ever since her first campaign, Carrie Buck touts a resume that looks like something out of one of those inspirational education movies, but there may be a little more (or a little less) to the story. After Senator Buck's ridiculous attempt to overthrow the County Republican Party, I began to wonder how this "wonder woman" could be so ... well .. not wonderful. So, I began to ask around and more than one person seems to think Carrie's resume is more myth than not. Let's examine;

Myth #1 - Carrie touts her position with the Pine Crest Academy of charter schools and refers to it often without a ton of detail, but with a bravado that suggests she's quite a big deal. The thing is Carrie was only Executive Director of Pinecrest for a short while before she was moved to the fundraising side of the house. We'll be looking into why that happened more in the coming weeks. But each of the Pinecrest schools has a Principal and a full staff who surely deserve the majority of the credit for the success of their schools, not a person who sits on a fundraising board.

Myth #2 - Carrie was asked to work on Pinecrest because of her success in CCSD. Ummm, not so fast. The people we spoke to indicated that Carrie was not as "successful" as she let's on. Yes, she did receive an educator award as a Principal. But most of the work that Carrie talks about was carried out by a whole team of people who she never really mentions in her remarks. In fact, two separate individuals told me that Carrie is not only difficult to work with, but that she routinely takes credit for other's work. Those same two told me that she's not great with a budget - that she likes to spend money more than once. We'll come back to that.

On the "taking credit" front, I had a little laugh when I looked at Carrie's campaign website. She mentions how her little sister made it into the "gifted students" program and that she also triple-majored in college all because she and Carrie used to play school at home. Wait! What? So, Carrie didn't make it into the gifted program and Carrie didn't triple major, but her sister did... All because they played school together? Wow! Even as a pretend teacher, Carrie must have been amazing! Or perhaps her sister is an intelligent and gifted student. 🙂 

Myth #3 - Carrie refers to herself as "one of Nevada’s most successful public education fixers”. Yes, she refers to herself as that, but I cannot find another place where that has ever been written. And what did Carrie "fix" exactly?

CT Sewell, the school Carrie says won her the Milken award and all the accolades has terrible proficiency scores. If she "fixed" it, why is it still broken? (More below) 

She was Exec Director of Pinecrest for less than five years when she was moved to the foundation. If she was "fixing" so much, why the change? Don't get me wrong, some of the Pinecrest schools seem amazing, but are we really to believe that Carrie did all that?

Also, why does she keep making it sound like people were drafting her brilliance into service every time she applied for a new position? Okay, yes she taught for ten years. No awards mentioned for that time period. Then she applied to be a principal and received a position. No recruitment that we could find. That must be where the "fixer" got her start. So, they painted murals on the walls, made a garden, and put a daycare center for little kids while their parents were visiting the school. And that did it? What was the fixer's role in turning the school around? While at Pinecrest, Carrie claims to have initiated "Performance based pay" for teachers. I'll definitely be looking into that, because that doesn't sound right. It would appear that the "awards" and recognition were for the school more than for Carrie, but that's not really how she tells the story. Oh! Except the induction of Carrie into CCSD's "Excellence in Education Hall of Fame". It's difficult to believe that CCSD actually has something called the Excellence in Education Hall of Fame. Especially when you consider that math proficiency at CT Sewell is 22% and Reading / Writing is at 37%. So, Carrie is in the "Hall of Fame" for a school where less than a third of kids are proficient in the basics? That's PROFICIENT mind you - not "excellent". Well, at least they have a garden now.

Myth #4 - Carrie boasts the success of her last campaign, but fails to mention that she only won by 329 votes. That's one half of one percent of the vote. In the meantime Carrie has voted FOR an abortion bill, snubbing the pro-life families in her district. If there are 330 people in that group, Carrie is in real trouble, but she doesn't seem to know that. Curious.

Myth #5 - Carrie Buck is a fighter in the NV Senate! Okay, then why in two sessions has Carrie not passed a single bill? She has the worst record of every single senator in the legislature. In fact, Carrie is the ONLY Senator not to pass a bill.

Myth #6 - Carrie is going to Carson City to "Protect the Veto"!! Really? That's what SD 5's constituents get? No bills to help the economy, lower crime, increase access to healthcare, improve education? Just a veto of whatever the Dems are doing? Well, Carrie barely won the only election she's ever won and the consultants I talked to said they are preparing their candidates for losses in the Senate including Senator Buck's seat. So, Senator Buck may not even be around to protect "the veto" as reductive as that plan is.

We have a ton more, but in the interest of time and out of respect for other articles that will cover these topics further, I will leave it here.

Please, keep in mind this isn't about beating up on Carrie Buck. The purpose of this article is to shed light on the fact that our footing in the Senate and perhaps in the entire legislature cannot depend on a fairy tale. We need serious people and we need people who know how to work with their colleagues. It would appear that Senator Buck may miss the mark on both of those things. I shall investigate further and report more soon.