"Party" Chairman, Indeed!

"Party" Chairman, Indeed!

Did a compromising video / indictments force the return of Kasama to the AD2 race?

Did a compromising video / indictments force the return of Kasama to the AD2 race?

Usually when one hears about the County Republican Party Chairman being caught in a compromising position on video one thinks we're about to hear another tale from Nye County. Not this time Mr. Blundo. You're safe!

In fact, given all of the scuttlebutt on social media you'd be hard pressed to find an individual caught as often in "compromising positions" as Clark County Republican Chairman Jesse Law.

Seen here in a photo taken during the recent hearing regarding the "Fake Electors" scandal (and let's be honest, he's looked better) Mr. Law faced what is likely the first of several hearings before he learns whether or not he'll be spending some time as a guest of the State of Nevada.

Oddly, the very day we learned of Mr. Law's indictment (along with his co-defendants) the recently reelected "CCRP" Chairman announced his bid for Nevada Assembly District 2. Wait! Jesse doesn't live in AD2. Or does he?

It would appear that Mr. Law is now sharing a residence with his girlfriend (name withheld out of respect - Hey. I've been there. Sort of. Not really.)

So, with so much on the line having a new(ish) girlfriend, an indictment, and a bid for public office, while coming under the scrutiny that comes with announcements of latter two, it is a little surprising that a video is apparently circulating wherein Mr. Law is seen "making out" with someone who is not his new live in girlfriend (or did we hear fiancé?)

And yes, it would appear that there is some "overlap" between Mr. Law's lip locking and his current ... situation. But that may not be the biggest concern for Mr. Law's significant other.

A (perhaps related maybe unrelated) glimpse of Chairman Law's wild side came via a tweet entitled "What happens in Vegas ... #Clark County Reps???" wherein the Chairman can be seen engaging in some public displays of affection with a yet unidentified gentleman during a music festival. (See below)

As if an indictment, still photos of Jesse smooching a man at the EDC festival, and a compromising video aren't enough to mess up his election plans, the incumbent (Assemblywoman Kasama) has "decided" to run for reelection after all.

Now we have arrived at the question(s) of the day;

1) Why did Heidi Kasama decide to run for her current seat putting her congressional aspirations on hold?

2) Are the rumors true that our Governor in Chief asked Kasama not to leave her seat?

3) Did the smooching pics and videos coupled with the nationally publicized indictments have anything to do with the Governor's request?

4) Is Jesse still running for Assembly 2?

Video and (hopefully) interviews to come ... Stay tuned.