Will "Lombardo Inc." produce Lombardo ink?

Will "Lombardo Inc." produce Lombardo ink?

What legislation is the Governor likely to sign under the "protect the veto" strategy?

What legislation is the Governor likely to sign under the "protect the veto" strategy?

Literally nobody was happier the day after Governor Lombardo was elected than I was. We elected a conservative and more importantly he wasn't Steve Sisolak.

Flash forward to 2024 and everywhere I turn there's a Republican candidate spouting the "... protect the veto" company line.

As much as I appreciate the political landscape given the GOP's abysmal showing in the past ... um ... few cycles, there are more than a few problems with the "Lombardo Inc." company line.

For one thing, the Governor isn't even in the same branch of government as the legislature. Are we REALLY electing and re-electing legislators to tow the gubernatorial line? So, no checks or balances for Nevada anymore?

Secondly,  why are we playing defense? Are we really electing these people to enact a last line of defense?

Also, what agenda can possibly be created to pass any kind of conservative legislation with the only real power coming from the veto?

To be clear, I am a realist and I am aware of some of the difficulties facing Republicans coming into the next session. In all likelihood we will be even worse off than our last legislative session, but scores of Republicans are expected to turn out to elect a Republican President, yet all we're hearing is "Protect the veto!"

It's a risky strategy to say the least.

To make matters worse it seems some candidates are settling back into the veto strategy a little too much. This week a Carrie Buck mail piece emblazoned with the "Stop the veto" mantra went out to primary Republican voters with little else on the entire piece. No accomplishments (although that would be a tough sell given her lack of those very things) and no goals to speak of for new legislation. Just ... "I'll protect the veto." Sigh.

So, I have one final question. Is this what Republican voters are supposed to get excited about? We're going to lose some seats and it'll be an even more miserable session this go-round, but please put these people back in Carson City so we can reject "some" of what the left is likely to send to the Governor's desk? Wow. I just don't know.