A number of recent arrests has many asking 'What is going on at CCSD!?'

A number of recent arrests has many asking 'What is going on at CCSD!?'

With a bunch of recent arrests at CCSD schools around the district, people are beginning to wonder what is going on?

We conduct background checks on employees, don't we? How are so many people getting past the HR screening that is supposed to keep our children and our schools safe?

In Mesquite a school counselor was arrested on a new warrant based on old out-of-state charges. According to officials, nothing is reported to have happened in Mesquite.

A Henderson assistant principal was arrested in Texas for seeking sex with a child. (see linked photos)

A 44 year old computer tech at Wooley Elementary School was arrested on charges related to allegations that he engaged in illegal surveillance of other adults. This is the only recent arrest not involving allegations tied to students or children.

A former "Student Success Advocate", campus security monitor, and then office specialists was arrested on two counts involving "sexual conduct" with a student over 16 and one count of trying to lure the same student away from their home. This guy actually asked the student's mom for consent to have a relationship with her daughter and when the parent refused, he kept attempting to make contact. In fact, while police officers were interviewing the student, she continued to receive more than a dozen text messages from the suspect.

A North Las Vegas janitor engaged, by his own admission, in sexual contact with a student at the school where he was employed. Devyn Hudson initially denied the allegations and in fact continued to deny them until he was shown social media messages from him to the student at which time he reportedly confessed to police.

Also, in North Las Vegas a special education and early childhood teacher was arrested for physically abusing students during numerous encounters (see linked article). Apparently Child Protective Services has indicated that this report is not the first for the teacher identified as Rima Villaret.

With six fairly high profile arrests in as many weeks, we have to ask ourselves if CCSD is capable of screening the employees who have daily contact with our students. This is something school officials, the Board of Trustees, and the State Legislature needs to take a very close look at.

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