Big Dan Rodimer Charged with Murder

Big Dan Rodimer Charged with Murder

A day after a warrant was issued for Dan Rodimer he is out on bail, but hardly out of the woods.

Back in October, Rodimer got into a scuffle with Christoper Tapp which ended with Tapp in the hospital. Several days later Tapp was dead due to blunt force trauma to the head.

The theory is that after being punched by Rodimer, Tapp sustained a head injury as he fell hitting his head on a table in the hotel room where the altercation took place.

I'm no attorney, but there are major problems with the case against Rodimer.

First of all there won't likely be a ton of sympathy for a man who may or may not have given cocaine to Rodimer's young daughter. According to the complaint, Rodimer literally threatened the life of the man warning him not to give cocaine to his daughter. That's only problem number one.

The second problem is that police seem to think because Rodimer threatened the man's life, he (Rodimer) meant to kill the man. Not so fast. When a dad tells someone "If you do that I'll kill you" in a room full of people, most people know that's not an announcement of an intent to kill so much as a deterrent NOT to do the thing the dad is warning you about.

Next, is the state of mind of the victim, who may have been ... shall we say ... not in his right frame of mind. Think about it, a seven foot tall athletic giant threatens you and you deliberately defy the warning? Does that sound like someone who is thinking straight? Or does that sound like someone who is 1) being belligerent himself 2) up to no good with a young girl 3) high on cocaine 4) all of the above? This is, of course, only a question, but it has to be one the jury will be discussing.

So, flash forward to the trial. The defense will undoubtedly introduce all of this and most likely reduce the altercation down to a mutual disagreement between two adults that got out of hand. Well that's not murder.

As I previously stated, I'm not an attorney, but Rodimer has a good one, which means this may not be the slam dunk the prosecution is hoping for. We'll definitely have more on this soon.